Raw Vegan Coaching Program FAQs

The Raw Vegan Coaching Program may be for you if you want to learn about a low-fat raw vegan diet, are considering adopting this diet, are facing challenges during your transition to this diet or believe you have room for improvement on this diet.

A single session lasts as long as 1 hour and involves a discussion between Raw Vegan Coaching Program creator Brian Rossiter and a client seeking information about a raw vegan diet.

A package of 4 sessions encompasses sessions that each last as long as 1 hour and involves a discussion between Brian Rossiter and a client. Brian Rossiter encourages these sessions to be held weekly to help transitioning raw vegans arrive at their destinations on an expedited schedule but is also able to space apart sessions monthly or quarterly, for example. It is up to clients to schedule when they would like to have sessions.

It is important to know that Raw Vegan Coaching Program creator Brian Rossiter is not licensed to diagnose or treat health conditions or diseases.

Brian Rossiter might be able to offer commentary on whether a raw vegan diet could be helpful in addressing specific health conditions.

If receiving a firm answer on such a question is important to you, please contact Brian Rossiter before buying a single session or package of 4 sessions.


The number of sessions Raw Vegan Coaching Program clients will need to get all their questions on a raw vegan diet and related natural health practices answered, to be clear on key raw vegan diet concepts needed to succeed in leading this lifestyle, and to transition to this lifestyle will vary significantly.

Some clients have researched a raw vegan diet considerably before our talk together, and some others are less learned and require more time—perhaps multiple sessions—to grasp critical information.

Some clients are fine with processing a large volume of information during a single session, and other clients prefer a step-by-step approach, diving deep on only a few focus areas during a conversation but wanting multiple sessions to get the full picture.

It is Raw Vegan Coaching Program creator Brian Rossiter‘s experience that most people have a window of a few weeks to a few months to successfully transition to a raw vegan diet, with much fewer people having the lasting power to be engrossed enough in their transition to stretch it over the course of a whole year or longer. It is important to be honest with yourself on what kind of person you are:

  • A person who does best by throwing yourself full force into learning about a topic over a short time period such as a few weeks or few months and making the magic happen quickly.
  • A person who has the patience and persistence to endure over the long haul and transition to a raw vegan diet over half a year, a whole year or even longer.

With major lifestyle changes, are you a sprinter or a marathon runner?

If you live in the United States, we can meet by phone or video chat.

If you live outside the United States, we’ll use video chat, but you’re welcome to choose to talk only by audio.

During video chats, we’ll meet at our scheduled session time using Google Meet, a platform everyone can access even without having a Google, or Gmail, account. You can use a laptop computer, tablet or mobile phone during our video chat.

Raw Vegan Coaching Program creator Brian Rossiter is available for sessions to provide one-on-one instruction on the following days and time blocks (Eastern). Sessions are booked for one-hour time blocks although might require less time.


It is possible that some insurance companies may cover Raw Vegan Coaching Program sessions as part of flexible-spending plans, but this is a matter for clients to consult with their insurance companies about. Please don’t let a lack of insurance coverage be the tipping point for your decision on whether to pursue Raw Vegan Coaching Program single sessions.

Raw Vegan Coaching Program creator Brian Rossiter gives only his best effort in guiding clients. He shares information based on his own experiences and relays some information he has learned from many others.

Whether clients succeed with their dietary and lifestyle goals is up to them.

All this said, refunds are not offered because a time investment is made in working with clients.

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