Raw Vegan Diet Benefits Are Impossible to Ignore

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Raw vegan diet benefits are numerous and considerable in terms of impact.

Indeed, when you lead a raw vegan diet, you have the power to not only improve your health and life but to impact fellow living beings and the environment in extremely positive ways.

As big of a difference as you can make in your own life by embracing a raw vegan diet, these raw vegan diet benefits actually pale in comparison to the differences you can make for others and your only true home, planet Earth.

Let’s take a good look at raw vegan diet benefits to human beings’ health, land and sea creatures’ freedom and lives, and the environment as a whole are impossible to ignore.

Raw Vegan Diet Benefits: Health Benefits Can Tip Any Scale

In recent years, stories about rising overweight and obesity rates, especially in the United States, have highlighted just how many human beings are tipping the scales and hurting their health while shortening their lifespans.

A whopping 73 percent of U.S. adults 20 and older are overweight or obese, U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention data show. The obesity rate among this sample set runs just less than 42 percent.

Furthermore, when we examine major health conditions, statistics don’t paint a rosy picture. Almost 40 percent of Americans face cancer diagnoses at some point in their lifetimes. Diabetes—whether full-blown Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes or prediabetes or undiagnosed diabetes—affects 37 percent of U.S. adults. Heart disease represents the top killer in the United States, laying claim to about 25 percent of deaths.

Folks, the United States is full of meat and dairy eaters, not fruitarians, and it’s beyond obvious that these high-fat diets are putting a chokehold on people’s health while causing them to balloon up to overweight and obese levels.

I believe a raw vegan diet lays the groundwork to elevated health while completely eliminating the overweight and obesity epidemic affecting tens of millions of children and adults today.

When you commit to eating a raw vegan diet and follow it with gusto and a level of rigidness, you are committing to bettering your health and, as a result, your entire life. Simply eating an abundance of fruits and other raw foods will improve your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health, making quite a case for raw vegan diet benefits. With all these raw vegan diet benefits, your whole life will take on a shine!

I share my crystal-clear vision for a successful raw vegan diet when working with Raw Vegan Coaching Program clients. If you choose to become a client, you’ll receive a wealth of priceless information, including all my latest insight and how it’s shaping my own journey and may help you get farther along on your journey much more quickly than going it alone.

As someone who spent much time at a world-famous raw food café for seven years and seeing very few people break through on a fruitarian diet, I know all too well why people get lost or stuck and give up.

Raw Vegan Diet Benefits You Might Enjoy Experiencing With Successful Transition

• Outstanding overall health
• Robust vitality
• Elevated sensation of well-being
• Prolonged energy
• Heightened mental clarity and focus

• Improved immune system
• A lighter, stronger, quicker and faster body
• Ease in digestion and elimination
• Peaceful sleep
• Slower aging process

Discover What Makes the Raw Vegan Coaching Program So Effective in Helping People Thrive

Getting guidance from Brian Rossiter, pursuing peak health since 2010, can help those wanting to power up their health and lives. You’ll get clear on major concepts and all the fine details needed to break through on a raw vegan diet.

Raw Vegan Diet Benefits: Giving Freedom and Lives to Land and Sea Creatures

Raw vegan diet benefits extend to giving our fellow land and sea creatures—from cows to tuna—freedom and lives to enjoy. Yes, it is important to understand that human beings are not physiologically designed to eat animal products, comprising the flesh of all land and sea creatures, dairy products, eggs and honey. Truly, our bodies are best suited for fruits, colorful, magnetizing and sweet fruits, loaded with sugar, our natural fuel source.

When people embrace vegan and, especially, raw vegan diets, a metamorphosis can occur in which they awaken to things they once didn’t have the eyes to see or will to care about. Many people who’ve made the switch to plant-based diets ultimately stopped buying and wearing leather products such as jackets, shoes and wallets; taking horse carriage rides; attending circuses; and visiting aquariums and zoos. Their levels of awareness and consciousness expanded.

When you choose to adopt a raw vegan diet or fruitarian diet, your raw vegan diet benefits simply have an even greater impact on chickens, pigs and salmon than these benefits will have on your own health and life. You can take this monumental impact to heart as you lead your life, emboldened by your singular choice that reverberates day in and day out in the lives of beautiful and sentient creatures.

Cow - animal agriculture - environmental impact - Raw Vegan Coaching Program

Raw Vegan Diet Benefits: Environmental Benefits Can Help Save the Planet

Finally, a discussion of the advantages of a raw vegan diet would be incomplete without underscoring the enormous environmental benefits of this most-impactful lifestyle of them all. Our only home, the Earth, is in desperate need of love. Our population has exploded, and we are rapidly running out of land and water resources to satisfy the world’s hunger and thirst.

When compared with eating animal products, for example, eating a raw vegan diet calls for far less land and water to grow food, making for a considerable raw vegan diet benefit that must be heralded given our state of environmental ruin. Animal agriculture is the leading source of climate change, making it an issue of the highest priority but receiving virtually no attention from governments, many of which supply tens to hundreds of billions of dollars globally to fund animal agriculture subsidies. In the United States alone, more than $38 billion of U.S. taxpayer money goes to support animal agriculture.

Various studies have found varying percentages of animal agriculture’s impact on greenhouse gas emissions, with one research study claiming a staggering 51 percent. This data was featured in the first cut of the excellent environmental documentary Cowspiracy, although it received significant backlash. This figure was replaced with one from another climate change study, indicating 18 percent, in the film’s Netflix edit, made with the environmentally minded actor Leonardo DiCaprio.

Animal agriculture is the top source of greenhouse gas emissions, followed by transportation, accounting for 14 percent. Animal agricultural emissions are expected to climb by 80 percent by 2050 as the global population, now at 7.7 billion people, grows. By 2050, the Earth will have a population of 9 billion to 10 billion people. As our population grows, our limited land and water resources will become increasingly scarce. Furthermore, climate change is expected to result in greater sea ice melting, flooding vast swaths of the Earth, beginning with low-lying coastal countries and areas as a result of a variety of variables, including animal agriculture and automotive emissions.

Animal agriculture accounts for 41 percent of world water demand and spans 45 percent of the planet’s land. Animal agriculture is also the leading cause of extinction, ocean dead zones, habitat loss and water pollution.

You can also contribute to minimizing carbon emissions by not cooking your meals, bringing down the global temperature with every meal of fruit and raw vegan salads you enjoy! Talk about raw vegan diet benefits!

Vegan Diet Benefits

An exploration of raw vegan diet benefits should also briefly examine purely vegan diet benefits.


Many people who are considering adopting or have already embraced a vegan diet might believe it to be the end-all-be-all diet, with no more room to roam.

A vegan diet will help give our fellow living beings freedom and lives, but these vegan diet benefits do not approach the level raw vegan diet benefits do when it comes to health and environmental impact.

Vegan diet benefits may certainly involve human health benefits, particularly if people are eating whole foods as opposed to processed foods. These health benefits are limited, however, when people place an emphasis on cooked foods and foods not suited for human beings’ physiology. Consuming cooked beets, broccoli and carrots is better than eating most foods, but eating raw fruits and raw tender greens such as celery and lettuce is much better for health.

Enjoying raw fruits and raw tender greens is also better for the environment, as no precious resources are used to heat foods needlessly. If you are serious about doing your all for the environment, about being an environmental champion for the human race and other species, then you will ponder the regular impact of firing foods just to eat warm or hot foods, foods that are nutritionally inferior compared with living foods, and foods that are not aligned with our bodies’ design.

Although purely vegan diet benefits are considerable, they still pale in comparison with raw vegan diet benefits.

Raw vegan diet benefits are, quite simply, monumental and life-changing, for human beings, for all species and the environment.

Invest in Yourself and Start Your Journey to Enjoying Peak Health, Energy and Clarity!

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Share This Story to Help Loved Ones Enjoy Peak Health and Transform Their Lives

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