What Is a Raw Vegan Diet?

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A raw vegan diet, many enthusiasts of this way of eating believe, is the natural diet for human beings.

This diet is always “a” raw vegan diet and never “the” raw vegan diet, as it can be done in an infinite number of ways.

Most believe, including this longtime raw vegan, that a raw vegan diet consists of fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds in a raw, or uncooked, state. Separately, a raw food diet may involve animal products and, increasingly, this term is being used to label a kind of diet animal companions, including cats and dogs, are eating.

Let’s break down much more about a raw vegan diet, including taking a closer look at foods to eat, reasons to eat a raw vegan diet, benefits of eating a raw vegan diet and all the many other names this diet, including a fruitarian diet, can go by.

What to Eat on a Raw Vegan Diet

When asking “What is a raw vegan diet?”, it’s certainly natural to want to know exactly what to eat on a raw vegan diet next.

First, let’s briefly dive into high-level food groups, examining animal, cooked and processed foods—or what not to eat on a raw vegan diet.

What Not to Eat on a Raw Vegan Diet

Have you ever stopped to wonder what human beings are physiologically designed to eat amid a growing galaxy of things sold as so-called food? I believe most would agree that processed foods such as candy and cakes aren’t healthful fare and that the human body isn’t suited to consume these foodstuffs.

When we move on to animal and cooked foods, debate often ensues, however. Carnivorous and omnivorous animals in the wild relish the sight of future meals and will gleefully attack and tear open with sharp claws and long and sharp teeth the bodies of other living creatures, eating blood and bone along with meat. Human beings, unless groomed to eat this way from a very young age, would turn their heads away at the verbal description of such an eating style let alone actually want to partake in it.

With cooked foods, theories abound, with some arguing that cooking foods helped human beings evolve into the creatures they are and others arguing that cooked foods have had deleterious effects on our evolution. I believe cooked foods give people a wrongful license, so to speak, to eat foods—including land and sea creatures, grains, legumes and even vegetables—for which the human body isn’t designed.

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What Can You Eat on a Raw Vegan Diet?

Broadly speaking, a raw vegan diet can be done in two key ways: with fruit as the focus or with fat—from avocados and coconuts (yes, they’re fruits) as well as nuts and seeds—as the focus.

I believe in a raw vegan diet whose cornerstone is fruit, with this magical and wonderful food enlivening our senses and nourishing, cleansing and beautifying our bodies like no other food. Long ago, in nature, human beings gravitated toward fruits, with their eye-catching colors and wonderful scents. It is hard to imagine that we relied on fatty coconuts, nuts and seeds as our primary food sources, as they are all much harder to open than bananas and papayas, for example.

Can you see how fruit is just perfect for the human body?

When considering what to eat on a raw vegan diet, we generally start with all kinds of fruits, from sweet fruits and melons to subacid fruits, acid fruits and nonsweet fruits. Some fruits work much better than others when it comes to achieving success with leading a raw vegan diet.

In further exploring what to eat on a raw vegan diet, we may include vegetables, but for best results, we should focus on specific kinds of vegetables while limiting many other kinds of vegetables for a variety of reasons.

Moreover, in weighing what to eat on a raw vegan diet, we may also include fatty foods such as nuts and seeds as well as fatty fruits such as avocados and coconuts.

Knowing what to eat on a raw vegan diet is only part of the answer when asking “What is a raw vegan diet?”

Next, we’ll also explore how to eat a raw vegan diet, how to start a raw vegan diet and raw vegan diet benefits.

How to Eat a Raw Vegan Diet

We’ve answered the question “What is a raw vegan diet?” and addressed what to eat on a raw vegan diet. Now it’s time to shift our focus to how to eat a raw vegan diet.

Since 2010, I’ve met in person or online hundreds of people attempting to or actually leading a raw vegan diet with some measure of success. There is no simple answer to the question “How to eat a raw vegan diet?” The reason for this is because of many factors that can affect how people can and will approach eating a raw vegan diet.

Some people require more meals than the two or three meals a day they’re accustomed to eating at least for a period of time while transitioning to a raw vegan diet. Some people make juicing a focus in how to eat a raw vegan diet whereas others eschew the idea of stripping fiber from fruits and vegetables and consuming only juice.

Some people focus on eating specific fruits while avoiding others. Some people focus on eating fatty foods in the middle of the day as opposed to near the end of the day. Some people, in expressing their own approach to how to eat a raw vegan diet, aim to follow macronutrient ratios so that their carbohydrates, protein and fat calories line up with specific goals. Some people obsess over food nutrients while others eat intuitively, shrugging off any semblance of a science-driven approach.

I have my own vision for a successful raw vegan diet and work with Raw Vegan Coaching Program clients to communicate what I do (and don’t do) and what I’ve learned while sharing insight on what some others do as well, especially if it is relevant to their unique case.

Woman eating dragon fruit - Raw Vegan Coaching Program

A woman is enthralled over dragon fruit. When you ask “What is a raw vegan diet?”, you begin to open many windows in your line of thinking, leading to your asking many more questions. Brian Rossiter has encountered hundreds of people since 2010 wanting to lead a raw vegan diet successfully, but only a few are capable of getting grand-slam results because the majority never learn the best information or exercise the levels of patience and persistence needed to break through. With the Raw Vegan Coaching Program, you can save time and money on your way to gaining immense clarity on how to best approach transitioning to a raw vegan diet.

Exploring Raw Vegan Diet Benefits

Raw vegan diet benefits are numerous and monumental to human health, the lives and welfare of land and sea creatures, and the environment.

Let’s zoom in on raw vegan diet benefits so you can clearly understand the level of impact you can make in your life and the lives of others as well as on the whole world.

I believe a raw vegan diet is the pathway to a better world, a world that is as close to paradise as possible in a place where rampant development has ruined nature’s natural luster.

When you adopt and lead a raw vegan diet, you are committed to improving your health and, as a result, your whole life. You will elevate your physical health as well as your mental, emotional and spiritual health simply by enjoying an abundant amount of fruits and other raw foods. Most people who get on a raw vegan diet and achieve success report that they feel fabulous, as if they’re on an elevated plane of living, and their presence and influence can cause a positive ripple effect in their relationships with family and friends.

Additionally, raw vegan diet benefits extend to our fellow land and sea living beings. When we choose to eat raw foods and eliminate animal products—the flesh of all land and sea creatures, dairy products, eggs and honey—we choose to live an aware, conscious and respectful life by enabling other species to enjoy freedom and life itself.

Finally, an exploration of raw vegan diet benefits wouldn’t be complete without highlighting the tremendous benefits leading this kind of lifestyle has on the environment. Our Earth, our only home, is struggling. Our population has been growing wildly, and we are running out of land and water resources to feed the planet. By choosing to eat a raw vegan diet, you help use much less land and water as opposed to eating animal products, for example. Animal agriculture is the top cause of climate change, as big an issue as there is in the world. By choosing not to fire your food, you also help reduce carbon emissions.

Raw Vegan Diet: All Its Many Names

A raw vegan diet is also known as:

• Raw vegan lifestyle
• Raw diet
• Raw lifestyle
• Raw food diet
• Raw food lifestyle

• Natural Hygiene
• Live food diet
• Live food lifestyle
• Living food diet
• Living food lifestyle

Additionally, a raw vegan diet in which the majority of calories coming from fruit is also known as:

• Fruitarian diet
• Fruitarian lifestyle
• Fruit diet
• Fruit lifestyle

How to Start a Raw Vegan Diet

Now that you’ve learned the answer to “What is a raw vegan diet?” and some related questions as well as discovered how a raw vegan diet can be a positive force in your and others’ lives and in the world, you might want to know how to start a raw vegan diet. 

The Raw Vegan Coaching Program can help provide guidance to you on how to best build your approach to leading a raw vegan diet, as creator Brian Rossiter has earned an expert level of experience with this diet dating back to 2010.

Brian Rossiter has seen hundreds of people attempt to adopt a raw vegan diet, with only a few achieving lasting success because transitioning to a raw vegan diet can reveal many pitfalls.

If you want to experience the ultimate in peak health, energy and clarity and if you want to transform your health and entire life, invest in the Raw Vegan Coaching Program so you can learn from one of the world’s leading raw vegan resources.

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